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Our Approach

The company aimed to provide the largest and efficient lost items searching services to society and to customers.
The main purpose that we started this project as company is to create centralized database of lost and found items, to give the customers the access to create lost items announcements and manage them easily.
We simplify our clients and customers lives using digital world's large opportunities.

Our Story

The main reason why we started this company is because one of our teammates kept on losing his items 🙂
And then this project change into something bigger than we realized at the beginning, it became our aim, to help people solve their problem of lost items.

Meet the Team

Our team are made of strong qualified specialists, with great entrepreneurial and technical skills. We know how to work in team, how to manage, share responsibilities. We can easily combine design thinking strategy with analytical thinking, to gain best results in what we do. Even in limited terms and conditions our team proved that they can think "outside the box" and find the creative resolution of problem. The team which have solution based thinking capabilities with the intent of producing a constructive future result can achieve any aims they want. Our team is that kind of team!
Particularly this project we started since 2013. We discussed to find solution to the lost&found items registration and to make this solution suitable for everyone, everywhere.


Bahruz Ibrahimov

Founder & CEO

That one teammate who kept on losing his items 🙂


Samir Rahmanov

Co-Founder & CTO

The guy who actually take his teammates items without asking))

Do You Have Any Questions?

Want to know more? Check the project website and come back to contact me!